AlenMayer-sliderAlen Mayer helps with the team alignment – he can help you align teams by breaking down the unspoken barriers between extroverts and introverts and getting the communication flowing. Alen helps leaders enlarge their circles and tap into their team members’ individual strengths to increase their results. He also works closely with companies to create a tailor-made, irresistible language for introverted clients.

From Corporate Events and Keynotes to Workshops and Seminars, Alen will provide you with a customized program specifically designed to meet your individual needs.

How to Create A Cohesive Team of Extroverts and Introverts

How do you spot the introverts who have become very good at hiding their introversion? And how do you empower them to work alongside their extroverted colleagues without imploding?

As a manager, you want to get the most out of your team: performance, happiness, motivation and team spirit. How do you create a team that plays to both your extroverts’ and introverts’ needs?

And if you’re an introverted manager, how do you handle the constant barrage of interruptions and requests for direction? Alen will help you create success strategies for creating an introverted/extroverted team and maintaining your introverted sanity.

Enlarging The Circle

The true gift of a great leader is the ability to learn from, engage, and form a cohesive team from people on ‘different sides of the aisle’ – we’re not talking Republicans vs. Democrats here, of course, but the vastly different styles and perceptions of introverts and extroverts.

Your sphere of influence is the people who listen to you, trust you and rely on you. They’re the ones who will refer you, help you find the information and resources you need. They’re the ones who can drive the success of your business.

To enlarge that circle when you’re extroverted is easy: schmooze. But as an introvert, you’ll want to adopt some more subtle techniques. Alen will give you tools to help you build relationships with people outside your context, no matter if you are an extrovert or an introvert.

How to Appeal to Your Introverted Clients

To assume that you know your clients and how to approach them is to take a risk. Wrong assumptions can lead you to communicate with clients in a way that seems confusing and even foreign. They become disconnected or completely turned off.

Millions of introverts hate the way your company sells. According to recent studies, between 33 and 50 percent of North Americans are introverts, including many of your clients. Introverts might be a minority in America, but they can be the most loyal customers. Ignoring introverted clients will almost definitely damage your sales and cost you business. The best way to turn introverts off? Use the most popular sales techniques.

If you want to improve your sales results and grow your business, it is time to seek a more accurate understanding of your clients. It pays to understand your audience.

When you do, you can connect with and keep introverted clients for years. Alen will help you “dropping the pitch without dropping the pitch” – how to make your introverted client to feel an honest connection in order to feel safe enough to come out of their shell and buy from your company.

Discover your prospect’s buying strategy in minutes

Once you are in rapport with your clients, learn how to use the Pull, Don’t Push™ selling method to get your prospects’ attention and uncover more needs, wants and desires. Learn the right way to qualify potential buyers. Learn to identify what is important to them and what they really value; elicit their criteria and discover their buying strategy before you show them any property. We will show you how to get buyers to talk about what they really want.

Mystery Solved: The Missing Piece to Sales Success Has Been Discovered!

The truth is that it is more difficult to sell in today’s market because the world is much more diverse than it was a decade, or even a year ago. Today’s sales challenges don’t respond well to last century’s tips, tricks and techniques. Those skills are not wrong; they are simply incomplete for today’s market.

There is no question as to whether you ought to develop your selling skills, but really, as to how can you do it quickly and easily. You need the latest sales techniques, ones that will work right now.

Connect with your clients instantly and build deep rapport

People like people who are like them. More importantly, people buy real estate from people whom they like and trust; in our real estate training, we will create a more likeable and trustworthy you. We will show you the secrets of connecting with your buyers and building rapport instantly (even over the phone).

Speak the language of your client’s mind!

There are no resistant prospects – only inflexible salespeople. Discover how to use Behavioural Flexibility to get in sync with your prospect. Learn to tell when your prospects are lying to you. Discover how to read clients more accurately and speak the language of your client’s mind by using the EEE™ Representational System. Learn how to work with different sorts of people.

Persuade on both conscious and unconscious levels

Discover how to make customers feel good about the property you show them and move them to act. Learn how to use embedded commands, word softeners and quotes for maximum impact on clients’ unconscious minds. Increase your persuasiveness with influencing techniques.

Turn objections into approval

Become confident and competent when handling objections, and learn to use them to your own advantage. Identify the difference between an excuse and a real objection. We will show you how to handle statements like, “We need to think it over…” or, “We need to speak with…” Learn how to bypass resistance and handle objections before they come up; discover how agreeing with a buyer’s objection works in your favour. Discover powerful ways to turn objections into acceptance.

Strategies for Introverted Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Learn how to excel and shine as an introverted entrepreneur, without losing yourself in the process:

  1. Strategies for Networking, Social Functions and Contact-to-Client Conversion
  2. Strategies for Marketing
  3. Strategies for Successful Sales
  4. Strategies for Service Supremacy (a focus on the customer at a level above your competition)
  5. Strategies for Successful Meetings (Both in house and client meetings)

Alen has inspired audiences across North America and Europe. Whether a business conference, association meeting, or other event, every aspect is planned and coordinated to maximize attendee value. As keynote speaker, Alen achieves your objectives.

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