“Alen, your training session was a welcome addition to our schedules. Not only were we impressed with the amount of content you were able to cover in a relatively short period of time, but also found it extremely relevant to our unique roles. We had both sales people and leaders in the room, each found your training equally helpful. Perhaps most surprising was how many of the people in the room have introvert tendencies. Thanks to your session, we are now better equipped to deal with customers, coworkers and family!”

Feedback from the NFI team – “Excellent training and well worth the investment. We need more of this type of engagement, which would provide us with different strategies when approaching customers, resolving conflict or effectuating change. There were lots of ‘little nuggets’ of excellent advice throughout the session. Highly recommend it to anyone!”

Shubh Mann
VP of Sales, NFI Canada

“Alen Majer is a true thought leader in trigger event selling. He is able to help any sales person identify the right prospects to pursue and the strategy that wins the business. Pay attention to Alen! He knows his stuff!”

Lee Salz
Sales Management Strategist and Bestselling Author of "Hire Right, Higher Profits"​

“Alen is an amazing trainer and mentor and holds himself in utmost professional manner. On top of that, he is very personable and approachable. When he says the salesmen aren’t born, he makes them? You better believe that he means it.”

Daniel Kim
Marketing Specialist at Emotive Digital, San Francisco

“Alen takes his responsibilities for training seriously. He makes himself readily available to the sales team. When he does training, he makes it both enjoyable and easy to comprehend. He has a wealth of sales knowledge that he willingly shares.”

Peggy Arsenault
PEI, Canada

“A visionary Leader and Trainer, Alen Mayer is passionate about helping others to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. His training in selling skills and techniques have empowered us to succeed in this competitive market. As an author, his writings illustrate his humour and creativity and the depth of his knowledge and experience, of one of the greatest professions on earth, Sales.”

Sybil McLean
Heritage, Jamaica

“Alen is a tireless professional, attentive and proactive in the best business solutions, is a reliable partner and I would certainly recommend this collaboration to companies and professionals who are looking for a good trainer in the sales process.”

Marco Rasi
Il Commerciale - The Salesman© - The Italian Social Selling Company

“On the occasions that I have requested Alen to come by my office to assist in providing sales tip training, he has always surprised me with the different approaches to selling. Always prepared, his sales training presentation is always delivered with energy and professionalism. Without hesitation I would recommend him to any company that requires a fresh approach to selling techniques.”

Jing Yee
Sales Training & Business Development

“Alen has been very forthcoming in sharing his knowledge of Sales Management with me over the course of 2014. The alignment of Marketing and Sales is one that I believe is critical for success in our digital age and Alen has been a valued thought leader for me. When it comes to sales strategy, Alen is definitely the real deal, not to mention how engaging he is as a Sales Trainer!”

Heidi Schwende
Chief Digital Officer

“Alen Mayer is an excellent resource for Sales Training, developing top to top relationships with your clients, handling objections, utilizing image, reputation and credibility to increase your business. I would recommend Alen’s program for large or small companies who wish to increase their share of the market.”

Leonard Rudner
President at Label Link Consulting Services

“Alen is an outstanding sales coach. He has a knack for helping clients tap into their full potential, clarify their vision and achieve their goals. He is very wise and insightful. I highly recommend Alen.”

Svetlana Ratnikova
Social Entrepreneur. Marketing Strategist

“Alen has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that helped our sales force to increase their skills and performance. He excels in delivering top quality content and was dedicated and committed to the needs of our organization.I am grateful for his leadership.”

Susan Aceron Gray
Regional Vice President, Business Development

“I have known Alen Mayer from his international sales training in Croatia. He communicates very well with his audience.”

Connor Vlakancic
US Senator from Illinois

“Alen is a very professional trainer. His delivery is superb and he makes the subject matter easy to undestand. He knows how to keep his audience interested.”

Gaëtan Rozon
QC, Canada

“Alen graciously conducted a sales training and he packed so much sales knowledge in a 2-hour training. He managed to say everything he needed to while addressing everyone’s personal challenges and questions. We all came away with actionable ideas and exercises to improve our ability to qualify leads and close sales. If you need to learn practical (not theoretical) sales very quickly. Or if you want to learn how to save time by qualifying leads and become more effective closing more sales, Alen is the perfect guy to teach you and your team. Highly recommended.”

Chiara Cokieng