How to Connect With Your Clients Instantly


This training is all about connecting with your clients instantly and building deep rapport.

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This training is all about connecting with your clients instantly and building deep rapport.

What is rapport, anyway?

When you use it in English, it implies harmony, a feeling of shared understanding and of being at one, and it’s the most important process in any interaction. Without rapport, two people will simply not trust each other, and probably will not even hear each other correctly.
We have all created rapport many, many times, when we are with an old friend or when we meet someone and it feels like we’ve known them all our lives.

People tend to think it just happens, but we can establish rapport deliberately.

Remember, rapport is a process, not a thing. It’s something we do with another person, and there are things we can do to establish rapport.

Rapport is also responsiveness. You don’t have to like the other person. The nonverbal aspects of communication, known as para language – voice, tone, body language – they convey information about our relationship with the listener, and this forms the context in which the context of the words is understood.

For example, “That was really good!” conveys the opposite meaning if the voice tone is sarcastic – “Oh, that was really good” – and the body language is dismissive.

Psychologists have discovered three elements to rapport:

1. mutual attention, where each person is tuning in to the other;
2. shared positive feeling, mostly conveyed by nonverbal messages; and
3. synchrony, people unconsciously respond to each other’s movements and gestures.

If you don’t have rapport, you won’t get your outcome. And this is really important in sales: if you don’t have rapport, you will not get your outcome. In any conversation, neither of you will get anywhere until you have established rapport.

I’ve witnessed many salespeople trying to sell to their clients without having rapport; just simply presenting the solution, presenting the product, and talking about features and benefits and not paying attention to even gestures from your clients.

We can create the synchronous element of rapport deliberately through a process called matching: physically matching the body language of the other person.


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