Find and Correct Your Weak Points

Salespeople need to discover their weaknesses to be able to sell more.

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Did you know that 40% of sales forces will miss their quotas this year; four out of ten salespersons will lose their jobs this year; and over 25% of sales people do not sell enough to cover their cost?

Salespeople need to discover their weaknesses to be able to sell more.

  • Do you know how many prospects you need to call to get 10 of them interested in your proposal?
  • Do you know how many leads out of 20 were actually interested in your proposal and you had a chance to close them?
  • How many presentations you need to book to be able to close 5 deals?
  • How are you measuring your success in each step of your sales process?

Don’t guess about when to close – get the figures. Keep an accurate Score Card and let the figures tell you where you ought to improve.

You often meet old-time salespeople who say how their old way is good enough. But they don’t know – they are only guessing.

You may think it pays you to approach leads in a certain way. Find out if it does – keep the score and see.

Perhaps you are getting good results on your proposition right now. Perhaps you are not losing money on it. Perhaps you feel your system is perfect. But do you know it is? Test it out. Get the Score Card habit.

Don’t be satisfied with your work, even if it’s pulling good returns, until you have proved it’s the best you can do. Then when the Score Card shows the best possible average, stick to those methods.

Get a Score Card into action. It’s the only way in which you can really check up your work and know what’s what. Then watch your results. Perhaps you will see that every now and then there seems to be a hitch in your approach. Perhaps your percentage of getting attention takes a slump.

Five or ten minutes’ study will show you what’s wrong because you know from the Score Card just where to look. Salespeople get careless; you slip away from the one best method. A Score Card will make you see it immediately, before you permanently injured your efficiency.

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