6 Reasons Introverts Make Great Salespeople (featured on Hubspot)

I asked the self-described “Sales Introvert” Alen Mayer to explain the paradox. Here’s what he had to say.


CEO Finds Success Comes From Considerable Persistence & Hard Work (featured on CBS Small Business Pulse)

Alen Mayer is CEO of North American Sales Training Corporation, a company that helps salespeople succeed.


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Alen’s article on how to approach ‪Cold Calling‬ wass featured on the front page of Linkedin! Over 50,000 views in one day!


Why the Spa Industry Is Sleeping on Their Introverts (featured on Huffpost Business)

According to Alen Mayer, author of Selling for Introverts “Composure is a major strength; many introverts love to sit back to give themselves a better vantage point.


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We’ve searched the far-reaching corners of the web in search of the best blogs for sales leaders looking to improve sales efficiency. While there are many excellent sales-strategy blogs with helpful tips and advice, we think the following 54 are the best of the best.


Don’t use Features & Benefits (featured on CPSA)

Instead of naming features and benefits of your product and service, why wouldn’t you start with asking questions? You need to find out your client’s hot buttons, and they’re all located in the unconscious mind with their emotions and their values.


6 Tips for Better Cold Calls and Emails (featured on Connected for Business, Rogers Magazine)

Whether you’re cold calling or emailing, the reality is that most people will turn you down or ignore you. “If people say no, they’re not rejecting you personally,” says Mayer.


Your Startup’s First Sales: The Who, What, When, and How of Creating Customers (featured on Small Bussiness Central by Canon)

“The most common mistake for new and existing businesses is not to be focused on prospecting—daily,” says Alen Mayer.


Time to let go of ‘knowledge is power’ (featured on Chicago Tribune)

Each summer since I began this column in 2007, I have provided a list of books that go beyond knowledge is power. I have personally read and have applied at least one concept from each of these books.


Why Introverted Clients Hate Small Talk (featured on Global Gurus, Top 30)

You like people and enjoy sales. You believe everyone, no matter their profession, is really a sales person. After all, sales drives business and generates revenue, right?


How To Get A Job In Sales If You’re An Introvert (featured on Ideal.com)

I asked the self-described “Sales Introvert” Alen Mayer, to shed some light on one of the most misunderstood traits in sales success: introversion.


Extroverted vs. Introverted Sales Reps: Who Should You Hire? (featured on InkLing)

It’s an age-old assumption that good salespeople are extroverts. But is it true?


Alen Mayer – Sales Superstar Profile (featured on Growth Engineering)

Say hello to sales superstar Alen Mayer! With more than 20 years’ field experience under his belt, Alen now coaches salespeople to maximize their individual skill sets.


“The New Rules For Sales” — When Features and Benefits Don’t Get It Done (featured on SebastianMarshall.com)

Customers don’t need the salesman to explain everything about the product — they can Google it. The salesman now needs to help someone find the solution to their needs.


Friends with Benefits (featured on Sharon Drew Morgen’s blog)

Alen Majer is one of the good guys. Kind, gentle, integrous, and smart. He’s got a new little book called Trigger Events.


Six Questions to An Expert (featured on Il Commerciale, The Salesman)

I personally removed hard sell approach and I started with pulling people into the conversation by asking many questions before I present anything.

  • A thoughtful, thorough, helpful, valuable book about an important topic

    “I received an advanced copy of Alen Mayer’s “Introverts in Business” and am glad I did! This is a thoughtful, thorough, valuable and helpful book about an important topic. As someone who consults senior executives, coaches sales managers and salespeople, and is often involved in selecting sales talent, I am constantly dealing with different behavioral styles and in situations where understanding tendencies of both extroverts and introverts is critical. Mayer’s book is helpful enough that it will become a desktop resource for me and I will recommend it to clients.”

    Mike Weinberg
    Author of Amazon Bestseller New Sales. Simplified.

“Maybe Alen Mayer’s book should have a different title — something like The Introvert Apocalypse …. Sales and Leadership is Here! The role of introverts and their impact in business and sales is certainly well documented in dozens of books, but Alen’s book goes a step further by providing a checklist the reader can use to gauge whether they’re an introvert.

Did I like the book? Yes! Would I recommend buying it? Yes!”

Mark Hunter
Author of High-Profit Selling

“A must-read for today’s competitive business environment! As a business coach and management consultant who works with cross-functional teams, I strong recommend this book as a must-read for anyone who wants to succeed in today’s globally competitive environment.”

Babette N. Ten Haken
Author of Do YOU Mean Business?

“All of that to say that Alen has kicked down the doors of the idea that introverts can’t be great salespeople. Nonsense!! In fact, if anything, introverts can be great at selling introverts!! Since introverts and extroverts often clash, who will sell the introverts? In reality, introverts can sell to anyone with the ideas offered by Alen, which makes this an invaluable sales guide!”

Kelly Riggs
Author of 1-on-1 Management

“Alen Mayer’s book addresses the dichotomy of business personalities. For those not certain whether they are in the category of introvert or extrovert, a personality questionnaire is provided. Knowing where you and your peers stand is one component, the other is how to effectively work with one another. Mayer nails the insights of each personality giving the reader an improved understanding of how to work toward goals together.”

Elinor Stutz
Author of Inspired Business

“Eighty-eight pages of value. Mayer has written a book that needed to be written. I get so tired of people talking about born salesmen or born creatives or born anything. Sure we all come out of the womb with different potentials, but we can also develop the skills we need to do the things we want to do, and we can all get better at our craft. Thanks Alen Mayer for your wisdom!”

Tim Hurson
Author of Think Better

“Love the Introverts in Your Life! Thanks to Alen Mayer for setting the record straight. Introverts aren’t necessarily shy. This book gives us a scorecard to evaluate ourselves, as well as tips for extroverts working with introverts, and some small tips that introverts can take to be even more successful at work.”

Joanne S. Black
Author of No More Cold Calling

A Book Review – “Selling For Introverts”

I’m glad I was curious, because I think I got a lot out of the book. I think you will too.


Book Recommendation: Introverts in Business

If Alen Mayer had written this book about twenty-five years ago, it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble.