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The Missing Piece to Sales Success


Today’s sales challenges don’t respond well to last century’s tips, tricks and techniques. Those skills are not wrong; they are simply incomplete for today’s market. There is no question as to whether you ought to develop your selling skills, but really, as to how can you do it quickly and easily. You need the latest sales techniques, ones that will work right now.

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Turn objections into approval


Become confident and competent when handling objections, and learn to use them to your own advantage. Learn how to bypass resistance and handle objections before they come up; discover how agreeing with a buyer’s objection works in your favour. Discover powerful ways to turn objections into acceptance.

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How to Find Your Client’s Hot Button

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It is common knowledge that nobody likes to be sold to, but people love to buy, and because your prospects feel resistance towards salespeople in general, you need to present your product or service in a way that glides right past any resistance. If you can do that properly, your prospects will want to hear more and they will take action in response to your suggestion.

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Persuade on conscious and unconscious levels


Discover how to make customers feel good about the property you show them and move them to act. Learn how to use embedded commands, word softeners and quotes for maximum impact on clients’ unconscious minds. Increase your persuasiveness with influencing techniques.

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